Provider Toolkit


In this section parties interested in PFS can find tools and resources to help them advance their own PFS projects. These tools include guidelines around structure and risk, tools to assess readiness and conduct due diligence prior to investment, sample PFS contracts, and templates from successfully launched projects. Multiple stakeholders including service providers, governments, intermediaries, and evaluators will find these tools helpful in developing their own PFS projects. 

Rapid Suitability Questionnaires (RSQs)

RSQs are assessments consisting of 10-15 questions that evaluate organizational suitability and readiness to pursue a SIB model. There are seven different questionnaires customized for each of the stakeholders involved in a transaction. RSQs may be used as a self-assessment or a review of potential partners and are designed to help facilitate productive conversations between the various parties involved in a SIB.

Capabilities Due Diligence Tools

Capabilities Due Diligence Tools provide a detailed framework to assess core capabilities for participation in a SIB transaction. They will identify strengths and gaps in readiness and are customized for service providers, intermediaries, and project evaluators. These tools are designed to support advanced discussions and lay the groundwork for collaboration across the multiple stakeholders involved in a SIB transaction. Each set of tools includes six downloadable modules that structure a due diligence process for assessing the readiness of different stakeholders to participate in a transaction.

PFS Projects

While much documentation exists on the theory behind PFS, which projects are on the road to practice? In this section, we document the PFS projects that are currently in stages of development and provide diagrams to illustrate their structures.

Sample Documents

In this section, we provide information and samples for creating PFS contracts and best practices for working with governments to structure a transaction.