To the Pay for Success Community

You have reached the Pay for Success Learning Hub, a website owned and operated by Nonprofit Finance Fund since 2010 that housed the latest articles, research, and resources on PFS and PFS projects across the United States. Pay for Success has grown and evolved in the nine years since. NFF is acknowledging a change in the market overall to a broader definition of Pay for Success, which includes all forms of outcomes-based funding. As NFF has other outcomes-related initiatives — including NFF's Invest in Results campaign — it makes sense to intentionally combine these efforts and have a central place to learn about them.

Use the orange button below to be redirected to a new page on, where you can read about NFF’s work in outcomes and our latest thinking about how the field is changing. There, you will also be able to find key reports, such as the PFS Second Generation Report, and some of our most impactful blogs from the Hub. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at
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