Salt Lake County Releases RFP for Lead Agency for Homelessness PFS Project

Published Monday, August 24, 2015 | by Salt Lake County

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1.1 Purpose of the RFP Salt Lake County (the “County”) is soliciting proposals from qualified firms (“Proposer") to provide comprehensive services that can improve housing and quality of life outcomes for those at risk for chronic homelessness through the context of a Pay for Success (“PFS”) project. Since 2014, the County has been developing a PFS project, the goal of which is to meet the needs of individuals who are at risk for chronic homelessness in Salt Lake County through population appropriate services and time-limited housing assistance. The County is interested in pursuing alternatives to traditional permanent supportive housing. Success could be measured by a number of outcomes that would measurably improve the lives of the target population and positively impact the surrounding community, including, but not limited to, improved housing stability, decreased criminal justice involvement, increased enrollment in behavioral health services, and/or education and employment outcomes. The measurement of success for those served through this project will depend on the type of services provided and outcome addressed, but will measure impact against the likely outcome if a similar individual had not received the proposed services. Through this RFP, the County will identify a lead agency (“Lead Agency”) that will work with the County and its consultant – Third Sector Capital Partners, Inc., (“Third Sector”) – to finalize the service model and financing structure for the project, secure operating capital, identify additional service providers if necessary to partner with the Lead Agency, and develop the performance-based contract that will memorialize the project. In the second stage, the Lead Agency and the County will execute a PFS contract, with the Community Foundation of Utah (the “Foundation”) following approval by the County Council. Under the PFS contract, the Lead Agency will coordinate the PFS project, manage any subcontractors, and provide direct services to the project’s participants. We expect the PFS contract will have a term of 5-6 years.